Stu G // About

Stu G is a guitarist, songwriter, producer and soon-to-be author. Stu is best known as the guitarist for the British band Delirious?, who, for nearly two decades, penned many of the best known worship songs in modern Christendom. He was also a member of the distinguished CompassionArt songwriters collective, which also boasted heavy-hitters Paul Baloche, Darlene Zschech, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Israel Houghton. 

Like countless wannabe rockstars, Stu G’s journey as a professional musician began in his bedroom, learning songs of his favorite bands - Queen, Rush, The Police, and Led Zeppelin. After studying at London’s Guitar Institute, he formed the Stuart David band, lighting up the London club scene in the late 80’s, before rebranding himself as The Treasure Park. Stu quickly emerged as a sought-after session guitarist, which eventually led him to a young Martin Smith, who was leading worship at youth outreach called “Cutting Edge”. The band changed its name to Delirious?, and after seventeen years and several world tours, they singlehandedly reinvented church music and the Christian entertainment-meets-worship experience. 

Stu is currently a member of One Sonic Society, with Jason Ingram and Paul Mabury, whose single “Forever Reign” has been a mainstay on the CCLI chart and Christian radio. In 2014, Stu recorded and released his first solo project Of Burdens, Birds, and Stars, citing musical influences as Radiohead, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Manic Street Preachers, Nick Cave, Blonde Redhead and Elbow. When not touring with Michael W. Smith, Stu is writing, recording, speaking, leading worship and working with JHS on a custom line of guitar pedals. 

Stu lives in Nashville with his wife Karen, is writing his first book, and is always discovering new ways to express the truths he holds on to. “People are my energy and inspiration. It’s in people that I see why creation was such a good idea.”

/ The Guitarist

Behind every great lead singer is a great lead guitarist. One only has to think of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Axl Rose and Slash, Bono and The Edge. For over 30 years, Stu G has played the supporting role to charismatic frontmen, such as Martin Smith, Ben Okafor, Kevin Prosch, and Michael W. Smith. In the studio, Stu has added his sonic paint to Will Hoge, Phil Madeira, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Meredith Andrews, JohnnySwim, Fernandinho (Brazil), All Sons & Daughters, and Amy Grant - not to mention his own band, One Sonic Society.

/ The Songwriter

Stu has likewise co-written some of Christian music’s most inspiring anthems, songs equally suited for the church pew or the driver’s seat, with the car stereo turned up to 11. Apart from Delirious? hits “Rain Down”, “Majesty”, “Deeper”, “My Glorious”, “Investigate”, “Inside Outside”, there is “The Greatness of Our God” (Natalie Grant & One Sonic Society), “Open Up The Heavens” (Meredith Andrews), “Coming Alive” (Dustin Smith) “My Guardian” (Worship Central), and “Alive” (Pocket Full Of Rocks).

/ The Producer

In addition to co-producing Delirious? albums Mezzamorphis, Glo, Audio Lessonover?/Touch, World Service, The Mission Bell, and Kingdom of Comfort, Stu has been at the helm of projects by Matt Papa (Look & Live), Aaron Keyes (Dwell), The Awaken Movement (Kingdom Rise), One Sonic Society (One, Sonic, Society, Forever Reign and Live at the Tracking Room) as well as his own solo album Of Burdens, Birds, and Stars

/ The Author

Stu is currently working on his first book, Words From The Hill, which was inspired by his 2013 trip to the Holy Land. The book will be accompanied by an album with guest writers, including Matt Maher, Anthony Skinner, All Sons & Daughters, John Mark McMillan and Ian Cron. The “Beatitudes Project” was conceived while sitting upon the very mount Jesus gave his famous sermon in Matthew 5. Stu contemplated the paradox of Christ’s blessing of the poor, the mournful, the meek, the hungry and thirsty, which directly contrasts the world’s standard of success. Stu saw that these Gospel virtues could fuel a prophetic movement within the Church, where believers - transfigured by God’s unconditional love and radical grace - would be holy ambassadors of divine mercy, purity of heart, and peace - willingly accepting persecution (even martyrdom) for the kingdom of heaven. Words From The Hill is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2016.

“I am in love with words - a would-be poet even - but am often at a loss for what to say. I used to think I spoke best through my guitar, but I now see how easy it is to hide behind the ambiguity of music. I am more enthralled by the power of words, which can bring life and death. Words are dangerous - even controversial - depending on how they are used or interpreted. Like the teaching of Jesus, I want to be challenged - though it can be painful and fearful. And I want to challenge others - encouraging them to take risks and embrace adventure, to share their hopes and fears, and to live the questions to the answers they seek. I myself am a thinker who is always questioning, always wrestling, always trying to find a better way. I used to live for the future, like weekends or holidays. I used to say, ‘One day I will do this or that.’ But all we have been promised is today. ‘Today is the day of salvation,’ says St. Paul. In an age of social media, we need to work at being present to others, to the task at hand, and to stay in the moment - living for eternity but in the here and now. The new ‘now’ for me is one of community and collaboration - of creating with and performing for a wider group of people. I’m passionate about the connection we make when God inhabits the creative space between artists and seekers. For me this is an authentic expression of church and a foretaste of heaven.”




Mission Statement 


    •    Engaging with people's stories through music, writing, and conversation

    •    Enhancing a creative spirit in myself and others

    •    Encouraging a community of pioneers 

    •    Endeavoring to move beyond the familiar into new ideas and concepts